Trust Administration


Following the death of a family member or loved one, it is difficult for even the most financially savvy person to focus on the tasks at hand required to administer a trust and settle the decedent’s estate. It is at this time that the attorneys at Drucker Law Offices will provide sound legal advice and guidance to facilitate the trust administration process. Our attorneys have significant experience in the area of trust administration, including advising both Trustees (individual and institutional) and beneficiaries regarding the following:

trust administration

  • Administration of the trust after the death of a trustor
  • Trustee’s duties, powers, and standards
  • Accounting and recordkeeping requirements
  • Management and investment of trust assets
  • Creditor’s rights against trusts and beneficiaries
  • Trustee compensation and attorney’s fees
  • Subtrust funding
  • Income taxation of trusts
  • Preparation of Federal estate tax returns
  • Court filings to clarify the terms of the trust and to provide instructions to the Trustee